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Simplify Your Data, Amplify Your Success

At Kubee Analytics, we get it: managing customer data can be overwhelming. But, what if you could turn this challenge into your biggest asset? That’s where we come in. We make sense of your customer’s journey, from first click to final sale, blending online and offline worlds to give you clear, actionable insights.

Software Modules

Our cutting-edge software modules are designed to make managing customer data and business operations more straightforward and efficient. Ready to see how each module can revolutionize your business?

Business Management Solution (BMS) Module

Streamlines business operations with an integrated suite of tools leveraging advanced technology for businesses of all sizes.

Customer Consultation Module

Enhances retail sales interactions with deep insights into customer preferences and performance analytics for improved strategies.

Product Engagement Module

Revolutionizes product interactions in boutiques with a phygital experience using RFID, NFC, and QR codes for a digital-physical blend.

Product Authentication Module

Fights counterfeiting and ensures purchase authenticity with a reliable product authentication service for retailers.

Dynamic Inventory Management Module

Offers real-time inventory management with advanced technology for unparalleled visibility and control over inventory movement.

Customer Intelligence Module

Provides retailers with comprehensive insights into customer behaviors and patterns, combining data from all sources for optimized sales strategies.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Need

Each of our solutions is crafted to be as unique as your business. Simple to understand, easy to use, and incredibly effective.

Digital Identification: Beyond Tracking

Our NFC technology doesn’t just track products; it creates a digital identity for each item. This means you can monitor your products with pinpoint accuracy and protect them against counterfeiting, ensuring your brand’s integrity and customer trust.

Customer Engagement: Personalized Connections

Engage customers on a whole new level. Our technology analyzes customer preferences and behaviors, allowing you to craft personalized experiences through targeted content. From videos to ads, create connections that resonate and build loyalty.

CRM: Deeper Customer Insights

Our CRM goes beyond traditional management. It’s a tool that learns and adapts, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers. Track interactions, predict preferences, and build profiles that help you offer exactly what your customers need when they need it.

Floor App ®: Retail Revolutionized

Imagine having a bird’s eye view of your store’s operations in real-time. Our Floor App ® integrates essential aspects like inventory, sales, and customer interactions into one easy-to-use platform, enabling you to make swift, informed decisions that boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Consultation Module in Floor App ®: Enhancing Sales Interactions

This feature is a game-changer for your sales team. By analyzing customer preferences and providing sentiment analysis, it equips your team with the insights they need to offer personalized and effective consultations, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Floor Analytics ®: Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Dive into the heart of your retail strategy with our AI-powered analytics. Track, measure, and understand every aspect of your store’s performance, from foot traffic to conversion rates. Make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.


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