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The problems we solve

Transforming Your Business through Data

At Kubee Analytics, we tackle the complexities of capturing and processing multifaceted customer data fragmented across omnichannel landscapes. In an era where customer engagements seamlessly transition between physical and digital realms, we skillfully collect, consolidate, and interpret both pre-transactional and transactional customer data streams. 

Our mission is to harness this wealth of information to fortify your business with actionable insights.

Why This Problem Matters?

Fragmented customer data leads to incomplete insights, suboptimal decisions, and missed opportunities by overlooking convertible prospects. In today’s omnichannel world, understanding customer behavior across offline and online channels is critical for success.

Kubee Analytics: Your Omnichannel Data Catalyst

At Kubee Analytics, we don’t just acknowledge the challenge of fragmented customer data; we conquer it. Our approach involves:

  • Capturing a wealth of pre-transactional data across both physical and digital channels.
  • Aggregating this data to build a comprehensive, unified customer profile.
  • Analyzing these insights to empower businesses with actionable intelligence.

Our Solution

We craft a comprehensive 360-degree profile view for each potential customer engaging with your brand, enclosing every touchpoint across your distribution network. 

By leveraging pre-transactional data and transactional data where available, we enrich these profiles, giving you a deeper and more nuanced understanding of online and offline prospects’ journeys before a purchase is made.

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This is how we can enhance your business:

Explore our comprehensive suite of products and services designed to empower your business

Digital Identification (DI)

Utilize NFC technology for advanced product tracking and authentication.

Customer Engagement

Engage customers with targeted content via DI.

CRM Integration

Enhance customer relationship management with NFC technology.

Floor App®

Real-time insights into boutique operations and customer interactions.

Omnichannel Customer Analytics

Comprehensive analytics across in-store, e-commerce, social media, and more.

Customer Consultation
(Floor Mobile App)

In-store app for customer preference and sentiment analysis.

Computer Vision

Elevate the in-store experience using cutting-edge visual technology.


Seamlessly blend physical and digital customer experiences.

AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Analytics

Create a unified customer profile for a complete view of customer interactions and journeys across all channels.

The Kubee Analytics Edge

Kubee Analytics is not just another data analytics company. Our foundation is built on:

  • A deep commitment to merging the physical and digital realms for greater value creation.
  • Placing the customer experience at the center of our innovative solutions.
  • A mission to empower businesses and individuals with the most secure, intelligent data ecosystem.

How we are currently helping our Clients

Empowers Businesses with Advanced Analytics and Omnichannel Insights

In today’s rapidly evolving market, understanding customer behavior both offline and online is crucial. Kubee Analytics’ cutting-edge platform excels in tracking unique traffic across physical and digital realms. By harnessing the power of phygital data collection, we provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions, whether they’re browsing in a physical store or navigating your online platforms. This dual approach allows for a complete understanding of customer pathways and preferences.

An Holistic Approach

By integrating data from in-store sensors, online analytics, social media interactions, and more, Kubee Analytics offers a holistic view of customer behavior. This approach not only identifies patterns but also uncovers deep insights into customer preferences and expectations across various channels.

Advanced Tools for Real-Time Data Mastery

Our robust suite of analytics tools is at the heart of our platform. Utilizing advanced data processing techniques, machine learning algorithms, and real-time analytics, Kubee Analytics transforms raw data into actionable insights. These tools enable precise tracking of customer movements and interactions, offering clarity in the complex journey of today’s consumer. From heat maps in physical stores to clickstream analysis on digital platforms, our tools are designed to capture and analyze every aspect of customer engagement.

An Omnichannel Customer Intelligence

Our Omnichannel Customer Intelligence Module embodies a holistic approach to customer data. It integrates information across all channels, providing a unified view of customer interactions. This module breaks down silos between different data sources, allowing for seamless correlation and comprehensive insights.

Client Benefits

The true value of our Omnichannel Customer Intelligence Module lies in its impact on business performance. Clients leveraging this module have reported significant benefits, including increased conversion rates, higher customer retention, and improved ROI on marketing campaigns. By providing a 360-degree view of the customer, Kubee Analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that resonate with their target audience.

Success Stories

Kubee Analytics approach has revolutionized how our clients engage with their customers. One notable success story involves a retail client who experienced a 30% increase in online conversion rates after implementing our recommendations based on in-store behavior analysis. Another client in the e-commerce sector saw a 25% uplift in customer retention through targeted strategies derived from our digital traffic analysis. These successes underscore the effectiveness of our integrated approach in enhancing digital engagement.

Why Choose Kubee Analytics

Selecting Kubee Analytics means partnering with a visionary in data-driven transformation. 

With Us

Expertise in merging physical and digital data.
Tailored solutions for omnichannel challenges.
Proven success in improving customer interactions and decisions.

Without Us

Limited physical-digital data integration.
Non-specific omnichannel solutions.
Minimal impact on customer interactions and decisions.

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