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Digital Identification (DI)

Based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology - identify track, and authenticate your product.

Customer Engagement

Based on the Digital Identification module, engage your traffic with your products through content (audio, video, and targetted ad).


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Based on data collected and proprietary database infrastructure, have a 360° view of whether your traffic is converted or not. Manage your customer portfolio and improve their interaction with your brand.


Floor App ®

Get a 360° view of your boutique in real-time at your hand. Gather inventory status, invoicing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and consultation.

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Floor ® provides a consultation module that helps the sales team to gather the seamless preferences of the customer, but also a sentimental analysis to have better management of customer behavior.

Floor Analytics ® (Retail Metrics)

Floor ® provides a range of analyses on retail metrics collected and analyzed through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML and AI).

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